Here you find the latest news about activities at TEGnology, and  our recent press activity.

TEGnology was chosen out of 1000 start-ups

The NEXT STEP CHALLENGE program have welcomed TEGnology to take part in the programme as a result of their huge potential. The 5-month program with workshops and advisory board mentoring accelerates business’ by adding ideal growth conditions to boost bottom line, market share and future market opportunities for small and medium sized companies.

30-5-2017 TEGnology guest appearance at CITIES conference

TEGnology is honored to be able to present at the CITIES conference at DTI,Aarhus.     Dr. Hao Yin presenting the TEGnology range of products

22-05-2017 TEGnology live demo at IDTechEx Berlin!!

See TEGnology demonstrating its latest developments at Energy Harvesting 2017 (Berlin) here     The TEGnology team in Berlin

05-05-2017 TEGnology announces self powered wireless sensor!

We are pleased to announce our new wireless sensor devlopment platform. Using heat to power the device data can be transmitted wirelessly. Seneor types and data transmission standards can be customer specified. Read the press release here. You can alsp download the flyer, here.

24-2-2017 TEGnology makes the front page!

Very informative article about the latest developments at TEGnology in Elektronik and Data. (Danish)

30-1-2017 FLIPTEM 36 Data sheet update

Due to many inquiries asking for infprmation about different temperature ranges, the FLIPTEM 36 data sheet has been updated. Link

17.1.2017. TEGnology at Energy Harvesting Europe 2017

TEGnology is proud to anaounce that it will be participating in Energy Harvesting Europe, May 10 - 11 in Berlin this year. We will be showing our latest designs and results. During the show, we will be presenting a short talk about therno electric energy harvesting and our vision of large scale implementation of this technology. You can learn more about the exhibition here

PRESS RELEASE. Revolutionary substitute for batteries

See full press release here Also in Danish

29.09.2016 - TEGnology launches low temperature TE module.

TEGnology announces a new device aimed at battery replacement in remote sensors.
The new device targets low cost, high-volume applications with access to warm water or similar. Typically, this would be:

Powering a thermostat or remote temperature sensor positioned on a radiator
Installed in the district heating network
Mounted on a chimney to monitor pollution
Fitted to a vehicle to...

24.02.2016 - TEGnology supports LINX Initiative

TEGnology is proud to announce their participation in the LINX initiative. LINX provides high technology companies access to the most advanced material analysis systems in Europe. "Access to these facilities is a key factor in further developing our unique thermoelectric materials."
Paul Egginton CEO.
For more information, please...

21.01.2016 - New high temperature substrate proven

TEGnology has developed a new high temperature substrate superior to the traditional ceramic /DBC type so often used. It is mechanically robust and capable of operating above 500 centigrade. Even heating to red heat and quenching in water fails to cause damage. "We see this a key technology paving the way to yet higher temperature operations," says Paul Egginton, CEO.

26.01.2015 - TEGnology secures EUROSTARS grant

TEGnology is the lead partner in a new Eurostars program "T-to-Power" As well as securing 1 million kroner in funding, TEGnology is working with the Danish Technolgical Institute in Århus, the company DELTA and Linköbing University. "This program will give us a deeper understanding of the materials used in our modules. The information will be used to improve performance and reliability"...

26.01.2015 - New test equipment commissioned

TEGnology has recently accquired a pull tester for evaluating material strenghths and the module assembly process. With a capability of 50 Kg, this will be used for evaluation of module assambly methods and quality control.

05.01.2015 - TEGnology moves into new premises

On December 1st 2014, TEGnology moved into new facilities at Greentech Centre in Vejle, Denmark. The new building is purpose built to house hi-tech companies who are moving into production. "This move is essential in maintaining the growth of the company, it will allow us to establish the first production of our advanced materials and modules here in Denmark" says Paul Egginton, CEO.

09.01.2014 - Technological entrepreneur receives funding of 10 million DKK

A new energy technology demonstrates ground-breaking results. Investors grant funding for further development and commercializing of the product. Additionally, the company receives million kroner grant from aDanish development fund. 
For the past two years, the start-up business, TEGnology, has been developing an energy technology based on never before seen, energy materialswhich convert...

06.01.2014 - 10 mio. kr. til teknologiiværksætter 6. januar 2014

Ny energiteknologi viser banebrydende resultater. Investorer bakker op med kapital til at udvikle produktet til markedet. Samtidig får selskabet millionbevilling fra EUDP.
Iværksættervirksomheden TEGnology fra Vejle har de sidste to år arbejdet på at udvikle en energiteknologi baseret på nye unikke energimaterialer, som omsætter spildvarme til...

New patent allows TEGnology to accelerate the rollout of innovative thermo electric technology

Together with Aarhus University and the German Aerospace Center, the Danish company TEGnology has just been granted a patent for their new method to stabilize Zinc Antimony – an energy material that can be advantageously used for energy optimization in several markets.
Zinc Antimony is capable of transforming a temperature difference to electricity - with the added benefit of being...

TEGnology i nye vækst-rammer

TEGnology har pr. 1. oktober 2012 skiftet adressen på Lundagervej i Hedensted ud med en ny adresse på Lysholt Allé i Vejle.
TEGnology, som står bag udviklingen af nye materialer til omsætning af spildvarme til strøm, flytter ind i Advice House og bliver dermed en del af Lysholtparken, hvor natur, arkitektur og infrastruktur er tænkt sammen som...

TEG technology presented on TV and at conference (UK)

Right now, the TEG technology is being demonstrated – not only to hundreds of scientists in connection with the ICT/ECT conference on thermoelectrics in Aalborg. TV2Nord has also done a feature on the new groundbreaking technology that converts waste heat to electricity.
Today, waste heat is one of the world’s largest untapped resources. At the same time we have to economise on...

TEG-teknologien præsenteret på TV og konference (DK)

TEG-teknologien præsenteres i disse dage ikke alene for hundredevis af forskere i forbindelse med ICT/ECT konferencen i Aalborg. TV2Nord har også lavet et længere indslag om den nye og banebrydende teknologi, som omsætter spildvarme til strøm.
Spildvarme er i dag en af verdens største uudnyttede ressourcer. Samtidig er det nødvendigt, at vi sparer...

TEGnology rewarded at NOAE

On 17 April Danish TEGnology received an innovation award from the Network of Automotive Excellence at a conference in Düsseldorf.
TEGnology received the award for the development of two new groundbreaking energy materials that can be used with advantage for energy optimisation in several markets - such as the automotive industry that has long demanded energy optimising solutions as a...

F: Une société danoise lauréate du prix international de l'innovation

L'entreprise danoise TEGnology ApS vient de recevoir le prix international de l'innovation « Network of Automotive Excellence » dans la catégorie « Powertrain & Electrification ». TEGnology a mis au point, en collaboration avec des chercheurs de l'Université d'Aarhus et du German AeroSpace Institute, une technologie...

DE: Dänisches Unternehmen erhält internationale Innovationsauszeichnung

Das dänische Initiatorunternehmen TEGnology ApS hat gerade die internationale Innovationsauszeichnung ’Network of Automotive Excellence’ in der Kategorie ’Powertrain & Electrification’ verliehen bekommen. TEGnology hat zusammen mit Forschern an Aarhus Universität und German AeroSpace Institute eine Energietechnologie entwickelt, die auf neuen, einzigartigen...

DE: Neue Technologie wandelt Verlustwärme in Strom

Mehrere Kilometer pro Liter, weniger CO2 og günstigeres Fahren.  Das wird die Realität für die Autos und Maschinen der Zukunft mit einem neuen Material, der die Verlustwärme effizient in Strom umsetzt. Jetzt führen Investoren Kapital zu um die Technologie herauszubringen und fertig zu entwickeln.
Das dänische Initiatorunternehmen TEGnology ApS aus Hedensted,...

Danish company wins international innovation award

The Danish entrepreneur company TEGnology ApS has just won the international innovation award ’Network of Automotive 
Excellence’ in the category ’Powertrain & Electrification’. TEGnology has worked together with researchers from Aarhus University and German AeroSpace Institute to develop an energy technology based on new, unique energy...