May 2023

Gearing up for growth

May is here, and in Denmark things are starting to bloom, Including TEGnology. By now, we are so confident about our solutions and products that growth will be our main focus in the coming year. Growth in an international market requires many ends to meet, and in this edition of our newsletter, you can read how we are steadily gearing ourselves for the next step.

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Promoted in network for international growth

Focus on international growth is the next step for TEGnology. We now have global paying customers for commercial products, we have more pilots in the pipeline, and we have ambitious goals for the next year.

In that regard, we ended April on a high note, when our COO, Hilde Seglem, was successfully selected in the global accelerator cohort 1, organized by Tech Nordic Advocates (TNA), setting focus on women leaders in high-growth technology companies. 

This gives us access to a solid global tech and business network. A network, we expect to open doors to new markets. 

“It is so rewarding after the hard work and high-level expectations. All the participants had to train their pitch to optimize the take-aways and be more relevant for investors. As a part of this strong network with program owners, colleagues, and specialists, I am so excited to take the next step in the upcoming months, focusing on international expansion,” says Hilde Seglem.

The network Global Tech Advocates is present all over the world

Meeting new distribution partners

Our international growth requires new partnerships across the entire supply chain. In early April, we attended the Swedish Energy fair “Elektronik” in Gothenburg, and here we established promising connections to new distribution partners. Another objective was to challenge the industry to “Rethink power supply.” We encountered strong interest in Thermal Energy Harvesting and excitement about the level of power we can deliver with our state-of-the-art SensEver-Alfa product. With TEGnology’s core expertise in harvesting thermal energy from process heat sources, we can totally remove the need for batteries or any source of power supply. The potential advantages of replacing billions of batteries or kilometers of wires were easily understood by a broad segment of industrial sensor and equipment manufacturers during their visit to our stand.

Our participation at Elektronik was kindly supported by EIT-Manufacturing which hosted selected start-ups at their stand. We highly appreciate their invitation.

Showcased by Würth Electronics at APEC 2023 in Orlando

Partnerships are important for our international growth, and what better way to promote our products and solutions than through partners.

On their booth at APEC 2023 exhibition in Orlando, Florida, Würth Electronics showcased TEGnology’s smart power supply unit. A no-brainer for Würth that confirmed the importance of TEGnology in powering sensor systems in a cost-effective, reliable, and environmentally friendly manner.

Würth Electronics’ objective is to promote the solution that they believe can offer their customers a significant contribution in succeeding with new design implementation and a faster time to market.

Speaking at EUROHEAT&POWER Congress 2023 in Torino

TEGnology has been invited to present our innovative solution for digitalizing the distribution pipeline networks in the district heating/cooling market. With on-site power generation from underground hot water pipe, we address the challenge for installing monitoring devices in this “hard-to-reach” place.

We look forward to meeting our existing partners, as well as expanding our connections in the fast-growing district heating market.

Team's Corner:
Mathis Teodomante
Engineering Internship

Mathis is a French engineering student from Toulouse, a charming city located in the south of France. He has always had a passion for technology and science, which led him to pursue a degree in materials engineering at the Ecole des Mines in Nancy, located in the northeast of France.
Apart from his studies, Mathis enjoys sports. He has been a part of a football club for over ten years. However, he also likes to play padel tennis, run, and cycle, which keeps him physically fit and mentally refreshed. In his leisure time, he explores his creative side by drawing and painting, especially during the summer holidays.

As an individual, Mathis is highly concerned about climate change and biodiversity. He firmly believes that everyone can make a difference, and he strives to reduce his carbon footprint. For instance, he prefers to travel by bike and train, and he has significantly reduced his meat consumption.

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