SensEver Alfa

Wireless and battery-free power. Enabling maintenance-free process monitoring.


• Reliable alternative power supply
• Deployment in hard-to-reach places
• Enables higher data rate and quality
• No compromise due to battery lifetime
• Intended for use in harsh environments

Convert heat to power for sensors and IoT devices

Rethink Power Supply

SensEver Alfa is an autonomous power supply for standard IIoT sensors. It converts the available heat difference between a machine or pipe and its environment into a regulated and constant output as known from a battery.

Power all the data you need

SensEver Alfa powers the sensors that will give you all the process data you need to optimize your production, enable predictive maintenance, and generate new data-based business opportunities.

The number of wireless sensors integrated into industrial processes is increasing, even in hard-to-reach places where there is no access to fixed power supplies.

SensEver Alfa generates electricity from the difference between the heat of the surface it is mounted on and the surrounding environment to power the sensors you need. Without the need for fixed power supplies, wires, or batteries.

While batteries offer great value for non-industrial applications, they post significant challenges when used in an industrial context: unpredictable lifetime; an increasing total cost of ownership due to service-related man hours and process downtime; or reliability issues in EX or harsh environments to name a few.

Self-powering alternative to batteries

SensEver Alfa offers an alternative to batteries by transforming process heat into a regulated power supply.

SensEver Alfa is modularized and can easily be mounted to different surfaces such as pipes of varying diameters or machine shields.

SensEver Alfa’s power management adapts the output to the environment it works in. At sufficient ∆T, SensEver Alfa can deliver a continuous power supply to sensors and low power communication protocols.

In case the energy harvested from the environment is insufficient to power the target application continuously, SensEver Alfa will deliver a periodical power from an internal buffer that is pre-charged. Once depleted, the buffer will recharge.

Technical specifications

Output Voltage:3.3 VRecharge time at ∆T 40°C:150 s
Max peak current:400 mACold start-up time at ∆T 20°C:1300 s
Power output at ∆T 40°C:13 mW +/-10%Recharge time at ∆T 20°C:650 s
Available buffer energy:0.57 mAhMinimum dT for cold start:10°C
Cold start-up time at ∆T 40°C:600 sOperational max. surface temp.:100°C

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