SensEver Hot Surface Indicator

Meet SensEver® HSI

The market’s most innovative Hot Pipe Indicator Light.

Preventive Safety Made Smarter

SensEver® HSI is a Hot Pipe Indicator Light that blinks immediately when your industrial pipes are too hot.

Keep Your Staff Safe & Performant

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SensEver® HSI

Small Device. Big Impact.

It doesn’t take much to lift your people’s safety one notch higher.

With preconfigured high temperature limits from 60º C to 140º C , SensEver® HSI  is tasked to help prevent any thermal burn injuries when pipes are exceeding temperature limits –promoting a safe working environment and avoiding any costly operational disruption or slow-down.


Complete Peace of Mind

Zero CO2

Extra Safe Solution

Perfect Design

Complete Peace of Mind

Are you ready to lift your employee safety one notch higher?

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Technical specifications

Dimensions:35mm x 35mm x 60mm
Suited pipe diameter:> 8mm
Max surface temperature:145°C (at 25°C RT)
Alarm threshold:Tmin: 60°C-Tmax: 145°C
Power supply:Self-powered
Alarm:Red light (blink) ~1 Hz


SensEver HSI can be mounted on pipes of any diameter from Ø8 mm.
Interchangeable interfaces are available for different pipe sizes and an adapter for flat surfaces is available on request.

When the temperature of the pipe exceeds a preset level between +60°C and +140°C a red light starts blinking.

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