Expanding the horizons of thermal energy harvesting.


• Flexible design for deployment in hard-to-reach places
 Made with sustainably sourced, abundant materials
• Higher efficiency and heat tolerance than standard TEG
• No compromise due to battery lifetime
• Intended for use in harsh environments 

Patented design, superior performance

The next generation TEG

The FlexTEG (and FlexTEG-L variant) is a novel thermoelectric generator made with sustainably sourced abundant materials. It features a patented design, which enables the TEG to work more efficiently and tolerate higher temperatures. Due to its flexible structure, it is not bound by the mechanical restrictions that characterise existing TEGs. 

The FlexTEG is the physical correspondence to the phrase “TEGnology powered” and is planned to be integrated into the SensEver HSI and SensEver Alfa to benefit of those products’ market penetration and volume in the ramp up phase of the FlexTEG.  

In parallel, the FlexTEG will serve the market of system developers implementing this component in their sensor system designs. The low production cost and superior performance will reduce the cost of such systems significantly, thus opening the market volume for TEGnology powered sensor systems considerably. 

Our FlexTEG surpasses conventional TEG designs on a variety of metrics:

  • 2x higher energy harvesting potential per mass unit 
  • Material cost reduced by 95% thanks to rare metal-free material  
  • High flexibility – allowing wider applications 
  • Capable of withstanding harsh operation conditions 
  • Low-cost production process using existing equipment in printed electronics 

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