MARCH 2022

New Website
TEGnology has a new home in cyberspace. The new website is designed to reflect our vision, as well as deliver up-to-date information regarding the company. It also makes it easier to follow our enthusiastic team working to rethink how power is supplied for future IoT.
German Company Tests Energy Harvester
ZIGPOS a German company that provides position-tracking solutions – both indoors and outdoors – has agreed to pilot test TEGnology’s energy harvester in their solutions. The first results are expected in Q3, 2022. 
Why use energy harvesting on position-tracking?
  • Longer battery lifetime
  • More precise locating with more frequent data
  • Less human involvement in operation while in use
  • Greener profile
A Strategic Partnership
TEGnology is entering into a partnership with a major manufacturer of smart meters in district heating. Our sustainable power supply solution is a good match for the company’s sustainable goal. The collaboration is expected to result in a main-stream product created by TEGnology. Care to hear more about the partnership? Please read our newsletter in the coming months.

Developing Project with Danish Technological Institute

We are thrilled to have received the approval of a project, in which TEGnology and the Danish Technological Institute will work together developing a flexible electrode for our TEGs within printing technology. The collaboration also opens opportunities for other printed solutions, such as sensors and electronics. We would like to acknowledge and thank Innovation Fund Denmark for supporting the project.

Birth of a new company
A daughter company of TEGnology has been founded, in order to better allocate internal resources and seize external opportunities. TEGmat (TEG-Material) will focus on fundamental development of raw materials and basic components of thermoelectric generators, while TEGnology will continue to be more commercialization oriented.

Welcome to the world, TEGmat!
Team Members Corner_Rafael, materials specialist
My name is Rafael Jeppesen and I live in Aarhus, Denmark. I completed my master’s degree in Nanoscience at Aarhus University in 2019 within the field of materials science where I worked with thermoelectric materials. The past two years I have continued working at Aarhus University as a research assistant, where I have participated in scientific and industrial projects in collaboration with TEGnology. Our work focuses on optimizing and developing their components in thermoelectric modules. On February 1st, 2022, I began working as their new Development Engineer, Materials Specialist, which is a permanent position.
In my spare time, I like to stay active and healthy which means I am up for almost any sporting activity. I spend a lot of my spare time running, as I am planning to complete the Berlin marathon this fall. I also greatly enjoy spending time with my friends. We often go downtown for a delicious meal and beer, play videogames, watch a movie, play some board games or just chill out together.
Other special hobbies of mine are fishing and life outdoors. I also like gin and tonics, and I always have several different bottles of gin and tonic water at home to spoil my guests or just myself.

Photo: Private