TEGnology was established in 2010. The idea was to develop and commercialize new materials to be used in thermo electric generation – and the material should be cheaper and more heat-resistant than other materials on the market.

Together with Center for Energy Materials at Aarhus University TEGnology’s founder, Flemming Bjørn Hansen, has succeeded in developing two new materials exploiting waste heat energy recovery very efficiently.

The TEG-technology for waste heat recovery has a huge potential in markets such as:

  • The Automotive Industry
  • The Maritime Industry
  • The Bio-fuel Industry
  • The Combined Heat & Power Industry
  • The Sensor Industry

As an example, the technology has an enormous potential in the automotive industry that has long demanded energy optimizing solutions as a result of constantly increasing petrol and diesel prices.

TEGnology will to be the first company on the world market with a technology that so efficiently exploits this energy.     Concept