Meet TEGnology and the team

Starting today, we will publish a monthly newsletter, in which you can read about the latest from the TEGnology world. 

This newsletter will summarize the activities in which we participated and the progresses we’ve made in the past month. So you, dear reader, who have us in your heart, can follow our footprint of growth and share our joy (and tear) in the exciting journey. TEGnology replaces batteries in industrial sensors by harvesting thermal energy from the environment. It enables an autonomous IoT solution.
From left to right: Hao Yin (CEO), Hilde Seglem (Operation), Jörg Rehder (Sales) Two more fulltime members are on boarding, an electrical engineer and a materials engineer. Moreover, we have consultants working on brand&marketing and communication.

Electronics of Tomorrow, EoT

EoT is a biannual exhibition that took place in Messesenter Herning. Approximately 600 people visited the conference each day from Aug. 31 to Sep. 2. Our sales, Jörg Rehder, presented TEGnology and welcomed many of the visitors that were very interested in learning more about the company. They stopped by our stand and brought many valuable input as well as good questions. Jörg also participated in the pitch competition for nine start-ups. Two of the four judges voted TEGnology as their favorite product. One of them, Søren Manicus, Co-founder of IndesmaTech, said: “Fra et teknologisk synspunkt – i mit perspektiv – der peaker TEGnology helt klart. Den teknologi, den er slet og ret genial.” (From a technological point of view, TEGnology is clearly peaking. This technology is simply genius). We acknowledge the organizers and the judges.

Novo Nordisk Foundation Challenge Programme 2022

Hao spoke at a workshop related to Challenge Programme 2022 – Energy materials with biological applications, August 25. The challenge he brought to the audience is: The world will need 100 million battery-free continuous glucose sensors yearly for the diabetes epidemic.(Source: IDTechEx Battery Elimination in Electronics: Market Impact IoT, 6G, Healthcare, Wearables 2021-2041). And how to design current products to meet future needs.

Grant from the EUDP project

TEGnology has received a grant from EUDP (Fjernvarme Sense Power, 64021-1062), along with Teknologisk Institut, Grundfos, ReMoni, AffaldVarme Aarhus og Silkerborg Forsyn. The project is expected to start Q4 2021. Currently, we only log real-time measurements of temperature, flow and pressure in a few places in the district heating network. We do not have much solid knowledge about what is happening in and around the network. This limits opportunities for optimization. The purpose of this project is to establish an advanced and efficient IoT system to improve measurements in the heat transportation pipeline network. The possibility to implement the solution into oil&gas, PtX transportation pipelines will also be explored.

Joining the GreenUP Accelerator Program, DTU

DTU Futurebox selected TEGnology from 140+ applicants in the GreenUP accelerator program. Since the kick-off in May, we have gone through 12 disciplines for running a start-up. Business gurus have given us more than a hundred hours of sparring and mentoring. It has been a tough, but rewarding process. We are now wrapping up the first StartUP phase and ready to go to the next GearUP phase. We appreciate all the efforts from DTU Futurebox team.

Sharing an Address with Rising Stars

Late in 2019, TEGnology moved into Alfa Laval Innovation House in Copenhagen. It is a great place to foster our co-creation ecosystem. It provides an innovative environment where we get closer to the market. We also receive feedback faster from potential customers. A few of our neighbors has become rising star start-ups. Who will be the next?


Hao has been actively contacting potential investors. The high-tech start-up venture is looking for active partners who can bring the company to the next level. The company is working hard to do what the roll-up behind him says “turning deep tech into scalable businesses.”