• Self-powered temperature monitoring
• No batteries - no maintenance
• Reliable and encapsulated design
• Hygienical and waterproof for easy cleaning

SensEver HSI

Wireless and battery-free optical temperature alarm for hot pipes. Maintenance-free employee safety.

Self-powered optical heat alarm

Reduce injuries from hot surfaces

SensEver® HSI is a hot surface indicator that can easily be mounted on any pipe that may cause injury when it gets hot.

When the temperature of the pipe exceeds a preset threshold, SensEver HSI starts flashing. No battery or external power supply is needed, as SensEver HSI generates power from the heat difference between the pipe and the environment.

Well suited for places where heat insulation is not possible, and where hygienic requirements are high.


Easy installation and autonomous operation

  • SensEver HSI is mounted directly on the pipes that need to be monitored.
  • A clearly visible optical alarm in form of a flashing red light warns personnel from touching hot pipes. It increases awareness that they are in a potentially dangerous environment.
  • SensEver HSI is maintenance free. It converts heat from the pipe into electricity and powers itself. No wiring, and no need to ever change batteries.
  • SensEver HSI tolerates standard processes for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • SensEver HSI operates in temperature from -20°C to +145°C with an alarm threshold of +60°C to +140°C.
  • SensEver HSI is under CE certification


SensEver HSI can be mounted on pipes of any diameter from Ø8 mm. Interchangeable interfaces are available for different pipe sizes and an adapter for flat surfaces is available on request.

When the temperature of the pipe exceeds a preset level between +60°C and +140°C a red light starts blinking at a preset duration and interval.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (without adapter):35mm x 35mm x 60 mm
Suited pipe diameter:> 8mm
Max surface temperature:145°C (at 25°C RT)
Alarm threshold:Tmin: 60°C-Tmax: 140°C
Power supply:Self-powered
Alarm:Red light (blink)  ~1 Hz

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