Nordic Tour Innovation Fair (Sept. 20-21) TEGnology participated in the Nordic Tour Innovation Fair where Nordic start-ups presented their intellectual property rights and ideas. A good place to meet investors and facilitators. A video from the event can be found here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/hao-yin-547a4545_nordicinnovation-activity-6856914165374730240–3TO
hi Tech & Industry Scandinavia (hi-messen) (Oct. 5-7) It was great to meet new and old customers, friends and peers after the lockdown. A good place to test the market and identify potential customers. We presented our new product SensEver Alfa prototype, as well as the concept “Rethink Power Supply for IoT” on the stage, both of which were well received by the audience and visitors. We are following up with the leads.
DeepTech Alliance – Industry 4.0 Summit (Sept. 30)
We were pleased to join the Industrial 4.0 summit, organized by DTU FutureBox, together with top EU innovation centers such as Hello Tomorrow (France), DRIVE (Israel), ETH (Switzerland) and THINGS (Sweden). We had inspiring discussions on how to boost ideas towards market-fit, challenges and opportunities when implementing industry 4.0. Collaboration between Universities, start-ups, cooperates and investors are the key.
Meeting Steen Westh Nielsen and his new book
It was a great honor to meet Steen Westh Nielsen, a former top business leader in Danish and European companies. After a long and successful career, Steen is still enthusiastic, curious and energetic. Impressive! He has found new interests and roles as a mentor and investor, as well as a grandfather. The chat was less about business, and more about work experience, reflections in life and people – just like the title of his new book: It’s all about people – 35 years as a CEO.
Trademark SensEver® The name of our product series – SensEver, has now been registered as a trademark of TEGnology. SensEver – Sense forever.
Feeback from the market Novo Nordisk has installed our SensEver hot pipe alert in their production facility and we are happy to receive their testimonial. It (SensEver) has been very beneficial for us. This has improved safety for our personnel, and a decrease in the number of burns in our production facilities. I can highly recommend using your product in places where personnel is at high risk of burn accidents. It is an extremely effective way of locating dangerous areas and pipes. Frederik Jensen Associate Manager, Novo Nordisk, BioPharm API Denmark (The text is translated from the original language. TEGnology is responsible for the accuracy of the translation.)
With honor, TEGnology, among with other big names and start-ups in Denmark, was nominated for SDG Tech Awards, which is the the largest sustainability award in the Nordics. Click on the picture to see other nominees and vote for your favourite.
TEGnology dedicates themselves in advanced thermal energy harvesting technology. By providing electricity for wireless IoT devices in difficult places, we create value for our customers in terms of:
  • Reliable and affordable power supply in hard-to-reach places
  • Increased accuracy in monitoring
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance
  • Reduced CO2 emission