The TEGnology team wishes all our customers and partners a healthy and prosperous 2022

Tech Tour Nordic Winning Award

It is good to be in the Tech Tour Nordic ecosystem, and it is better to network at a physical meeting, but best of all is to receive feedback and advice. Of course, it is also a great bonus to bring the award home. Thanks to the juries who recognized our values and innovation! We will pitch again in Tech Tour’s flagship event Future22 on the 25th March. See you there? https://inevent.uk/en/TechTour-1633093453/Future22/hotsite.php

EU Grant Has Been Approved

On the 23rd of Dec. 2021, we received approvement from the EU on our Horizon Europe proposal under the call HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE. According to plan, TEGnology is to receive about 1 mil. € over the next four years to develop a new thermoelectric energy harvesting module with abundant and largely available raw materials. The project is expected to start in the fall.

Case Study at DTU Board Education

TEGnology offered DTU Board Education a case that its students can use as practice. DTU Board Education trains future board members, they studied the company and rehearsed various possible board meetings. We met professional students who would like to help us growing or even join the journey. We greatly appreciate the valuable sparring.

EUDP Project – Fjernvarme (District Heating) Sensor Power

TEGnology has entered into a development agreement with Grundfos, Danish Technological Institute and ReMoni, which will develop a digital solution for monitoring underground district heating pipelines. The project began on Nov. 1 2021, and is supported by the Danish Energy Agency under the EUDP program. The International Energy Agency (IEA) has documented that 40 percent of solutions to the 2050 goals of the Paris Agreement come from energy efficient. And “we already have the solutions to tackle the climate crisis,” wrote Brian Vad Mathiesen, Professor at Aalborg University, and Peter Trillingsgaard of Grundfos in an article. https://www.altinget.dk/forsyning/artikel/grundfos-og-aau-vi-har-allerede-loesningerne-paa-klimakrisen According to the article, the key to increase overall energy efficiency is to use district heating to link different industrial and civil sectors. Furthermore, by decreasing the temperature we increase the energy transportation efficiency in district heating pipeline networks. This is the way forward.
TEGnology team and project consortium visited a district heating network near Aarhus.

Meet the Team:

Hao Yin, CEO. If you cannot find Hao Yin at TEGnology or at a meeting, then try either the beach or sports venues. He loves open-water swimming and badminton. He does it for fun and for maintaining energy.  He also started learning how to ice skate and play the violin along with his children. He quickly became addicted and now loves his new hobbies.
Hao was born in China 38 years ago. His mother is a pharmacist, his father a medical doctor. He was brought up in China in the 1980’s and 90’s, in a culture and an economy where people believed knowledge was the only way to change one’s life. He obtained a master’s degree in materials science from a top university in China before coming to Denmark to pursue a Ph.D. in nano materials. He then joined TEGnology, which is a spin-out company of the university, and which is based on the patents he has co-authored. He became CEO in October 2020. He is married to Zhuo Liu, a biologist, who works as genome analyst. They have two children, a 7-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son. They all speak Danish.
He feels that he now knows Danish culture very well but admits that he struggles occasionally. “I have seen and experienced, that cultural differences can change people significantly, in several directions. I believe that culture is not about being right or wrong, but about openness and respect,” he said.