Q:  What is "thermoelectricity" ?
A:  Electricity produced from a flow of heat
Q:  How do I use this device?
A:  If you are a manufacturer looking to develop a thermoelectric generator, we will gladly assist
Q:  Is this a  Peltier device ?
A:  It is the opposite! A peltier device uses a current flow to move heat. Our's is a "Seebeck" device, it produces an electrical current using heat.
Q: Can I use a Peltier device to generate power ?
A: Yes, at low temperatures. A Peltier device is not designed for energy harvesting
Q: If the idea is so good, why is it not more widely used
A:  Current technology relies on a very rare material, tellurium. This means that volume production is not viable. We do not have this limitation since our device uses very common raw materials.
Q:  I can buy a TE module from Ebay that works at 400 ºC. Why are you so special?
A:  Glad you asked! Unfortunately most of these modules use either a thermal barrier to protect the module from the heat, or simply are being overly optimistic. If (as is likely) it uses bismuth telluride, it will not survive very long above 200 ºC.
Q:  I want to put one of these on my car, how do I do it?
A:  This is not an area where we can help. TEGnology posiitons itself as a supplier to OEM, I am afraid you will have to wait for the car manufacturers to adopt the technology!
Q: How efficient is it ?
A: Currently, our high temperature prototype recovers 5% of waste heat. That means, in most cases, you will reduce your energy consumption by 5-10%. (In a lorry for example). Our low power "FLIPTEM" device is intended to generate power in the 10 to 100 µW regime for wireless sensors. Here efficiency is not an issue, more cost and availability.
Q: I see you have a wireless sensor, can I buy one?
A: The wireless sensor is a development platform. Tell us you needs and we can tailor the product to your specifications!