TEGnology rewarded at NOAE

3/5 2012

On 17 April Danish TEGnology received an innovation awanews/_ro_2548-edba9624.jpgrd from the Network of Automotive Excellence at a conference in Düsseldorf.

TEGnology received the award for the development of two new groundbreaking energy materials that can be used with advantage for energy optimisation in several markets - such as the automotive industry that has long demanded energy optimising solutions as a result of the constantly increasing prices on petrol and diesel.

“Today waste heat is one of the largest unexploited energy resources in the world, and with the new and cheaper materials we can achieve some very compelling goals such as better fuel economy, less CO2 and cheaper operation”, CEO Flemming Bjørn Hansen explains.

TEG-technology can for instance make the petrol-based hybrid cars of the future more energy-efficient. This makes the cars even more environmentally friendly. Tests show that when new materials are used in a Thermoelectric Generation (TEG) process, the fuel efficiency of the car can increase by up to 10%.

Groundbreaking energy-optimising technology

TEGnology has worked together with researchers from Aarhus University and German AeroSpace Institute to develop the energy technology based on new, unique energy materials that convert waste heat into electricity.

At the innovation award ceremony held in Düsseldorf Minister Morten Østergaard gave a congratulatory speech:

"The Danish participation in Network of Automotive Excellence is in itself a direct result of this great work between Denmark and Germany. Therefore, it is a great pleasure for me to see that a Danish company has won this prestigious price - for an innovation that holds great potential for the automotive industry as well as for the climate and energy sector".

And continued:
"I therefore congratulate the Danish company TEGnology which has created this outstanding innovation - an innovation that in itself has its origins in the successful Danish-German research collaboration. This is the type of innovation that can create a foundation for a competitive Europe with growth and prosperity. Congratulations".

View speech by Minister Morten Østergaard here: http://en.fi.dk/news/news/2012/view-speech-by-minister-morten-oestergaard-for-an-innovation-award-ceremony-in-dusseldorf-17-april/