29.09.2016 - TEGnology launches low temperature TE module.

28/9 2016

TEGnology announces a new device aimed at battery replacement in remote sensors.


The new device targets low cost, high-volume applications with access to warm water or similar. Typically, this would be:

  • Powering a thermostat or remote temperature sensor positioned on a radiator
  • Installed in the district heating network
  • Mounted on a chimney to monitor pollution
  • Fitted to a vehicle to monitor emissions
  • Used in any sensor application with access to some heat!


 The new FLIPTEM 36.

Replaces batteries for uninterrupted operation


"This new device is only made possible because TEGnology uses materials that are commercially available in significant quantities. Alternatives [using tellurium, a very, very rare material] have technical advantages, but will never be able to compete as the [raw] material is simply not available in sufficient amounts." Paul Egginton (CEO)


Data sheet can be found here. Datasheet

For more information, please contact either Paul Egginton (CEO) +45 21182757, or our sales department +45 3841 8130