TEG technology presented on TV and at conference (UK)

12/7 2012

Right now, the TEG technology is being demonstrated – not only to hundreds of scientists in connection with the ICT/ECT conference on thermoelectrics in Aalborg. TV2Nord has also done a feature on the new groundbreaking technology that converts waste heat to electricity.

Today, waste heat is one of the world’s largest untapped resources. At the same time we have to economise on electricity. 

These two challenges have now been solved by the Danish company TEGnology ApS in joint collaboration with researchers from Aarhus University, Aalborg University and German Aerospace Institute. The solution is a thermoelectric module that effectively converts waste heat to energy.

termoelektriskmodul.jpgEfficient materials

The technology is being demonstrated at the ICT/ECT conference in Nordkraft in Aalborg. Around 600 scientists and developers from all over the world are expected to visit the conference that runs until the 12th of July. Focus is entirely on thermoelectric solutions that can effectively contribute to solving the planet’s climate challenges.

The principle of the TEG technology is very simple: Warm air is fed into a thermal module that is cold on the other side. In this way electricity is recovered. The challenge is now to effectively convert the electricity without too much loss.

“Our technology is founded on a well-known principle. The innovative and groundbreaking aspects are the effective energy materials that we have developed. One of their qualities is that they work under very high temperatures – up to 400 degrees Celsius”, says CEO Helge Holm-Larsen from TEGnology.

The materials have the potential to be deployed in for example the automotive industry that, for several years, has demanded solutions to optimise fuel consumption. Here, there is already a ‘natural’ temperature difference between the exhaust pipe and the radiator. 

At present, TEGnology is developing a number of prototypes that will be used for further tests and final market introduction.

See the full-length feature from TV2Nord here.