New patent allows TEGnology to accelerate the rollout of innovative thermo electric technology

1/7 2013

Together with Aarhus University and the German Aerospace Center, the Danish company TEGnology has just been granted a patent for their new method to stabilize Zinc Antimony – an energy material that can be advantageously used for energy optimization in several markets.

Zinc Antimony is capable of transforming a temperature difference to electricity - with the added benefit of being able to function in an environment with very high temperatures. A novel method for using the material in thermoelectric modules has been developed by Aarhus University and the German Aerospace Center, and it is now being commercialized by TEGnology.

Among other things, the issued patent describes a new method to stabilize the Zinc Antimony material (Zn4Sb3), thereby overcoming degradation due to thermal cycles and extending the operating time. The patent is one of a number of patents and applications aimed at protecting the unique knowhow on mid-temperature thermo electrics at TEGnology.

The invention of the new material, which exploits waste heat energy recovery very efficiently - as well as the method to stabilize it - was made at Aarhus University’s Center for Energy Materials, where the patent application was filed in 2003, and the technology has since been exclusively licensed to TEGnology for commercialization and further development.

Accelerated rollout
TEGnology was established in 2010, and the company is founded on the idea of developing and commercializing new materials to be used in thermo electric generation, as waste heat is one of the largest unexploited energy resources in the world. Previously, materials for transforming waste heat into electrical energy were very expensive and not nearly heat-resistant enough. Therefore, using the innovative technologies developed at Aarhus University, one of the primary goals at TEGnology was to solve these issues.

Today, TEGnology develops and manufactures thermo electric materials and modules, and the technology has an enormous potential, e.g. in the automotive industry, where constantly increasing petrol and diesel prices has generated a demand for energy optimizing solutions – a demand that has existed for quite some time.

With the new patent, TEGnology is now able to roll out the technology much faster and with even greater confidence than before, and as a result, the company is looking for strategic partnerships and collaborations in an effort to promote and expedite the commercial application of this innovative technology.

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