Danish company wins international innovation award

12/3 2012

news/tegnology-award-winner.jpgThe Danish entrepreneur company TEGnology ApS has just won the international innovation award ’Network of Automotive 

Excellence’ in the category ’Powertrain & Electrification’. TEGnology has worked together with researchers from Aarhus University and German AeroSpace Institute to develop an energy technology based on new, unique energy materials that convert waste heat into electricity.

When the international innovation competition NoAE (Network of Automotive Excellence) officially celebrates this year’s winners on the 17th and 18th of April in Düsseldorf, Germany, a Dane will be amongst the top winners.

The Hedensted-based company TEGnology, headed by founder Flemming Bjørn Hansen, has just received the good news that the company has won the international innovation competition in the category ‘Powertrain & Electrification’.

With 270 contributions and ideas from 21 different countries, NoAE rewards top notch companies for their ideas, innovations and solutions with high customer value and transfer ratio – all based on mobility (cars, aircraft and trains) and submitted by OEMs and major suppliers.

“We are very honoured to receive such a fine award”, says the founder of TEGnology, Flemming Bjørn Hansen. “The award will enable us to promote our technology to a number of international stakeholders in for example the automotive industry. We have great expectations for this because it will form a solid foundation for a young company such as ours”, says Flemming Bjørn Hansen.

Groundbreaking energy-optimising technology

TEGnology receives the award for the development of two new groundbreaking energy materials that can be used with advantage for energy optimisation in several markets. As an example, the technology has a huge potential in the automotive industry that has long demanded energy optimising solutions as a result of the constantly increasing prices on petrol and diesel.

TEGnology will be the first company on the world market with a technology that so efficiently exploits the energy. This has been made possible with capital that the Danish investors – Innovation MidtVest, Aarhus University and the Energy Horsens foundation – have recently invested in the invention.

“Today waste heat is one of the largest unexploited energy resources in the world, and with the new and cheaper materials we can achieve some very compelling goals such as better fuel economy, less CO2 and cheaper operation”, Flemming Bjørn Hansen explains.

TEG-technology can for instance make the petrol-based hybrid cars of the future more energy-efficient. This makes the cars even more environmentally friendly. Tests show that when new materials are used in a Thermoelectric Generation (TEG) process, the fuel efficiency of the car can increase by up to 10%.

According to a new report from Deloitte, Danish suppliers to the electric and hybrid car industry have the potential to create 20,000 new jobs in Denmark until 2030 provided that Danish politicians make a clear commitment to sustainable transport, such as electric and hybrid cars. TEGnology is a good example of a growth-oriented company that is capable of fulfilling these ambitious goals.

Danish delegation at NoAE’s innovation competition

TEGnology will be officially celebrated at NoAE on the 17th and 18th of April together with Danish representatives from the cluster company Insero E-mobility and the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation, among others.

Insero E-mobility works to promote e-mobility and is Nordic ambassador for NoAE and is currently organising a Danish delegation to go to Düsseldorf to promote Danish suppliers and sub-suppliers to the automotive industry.

NoAE takes place for the fifth time and has developed into a major player in the mobility industry. This year, a total of 21 international innovation prizes will be awarded in the categories: Powertrain and Electrification, Communication and Mobility, and Material and Manufacturing.