TEGnology Thermo electric generation - converting heat to electricity

Converting heat into electricity

In cooperation with world-leading Universities, TEGnology has developed new groundbreaking energy harvesting modules based on readily available raw materials.

High temperature energy harvesting

Waste heat is one of the largest unexploited energy resources in the world. But until now, materials for upcycling waste heat to electrical energy have either been very expensive, used lead compounds, or could not operate above 200 °C.

Now, the Danish company TEGnology has the solution in terms of two economic, efficient and cleaner materials for the conversion process – allowing you to win some of the lost energy back. This means that some very compelling goals can be achieved such as better fuel economy, less CO2 emission and lower manufacturing costs.

This technology is highly relevant to the automotive industry. It has the potential to make multiple impacts, improving efficiency in everything from heavy goods vehicles to high-end sports cars. Other applications include:

  • Stationary power – from wood burning stoves to power plants
  • The combined heat and power industry
  • The maritime industry
  • Heavy industry
  • The bio-fuel industry
  • Remote sensors
  • Autonomous sensors

TEGnology's enabling Energy Harvesting Solution

Environmentally friendly

TEGnology uses abundant and environmentally-friendly raw materials, that can be industrially mass produced.

Designed to individual customer requirements

TEGnology customizes their TEG technology to meet the customer’s specific requirements. 

Converting heat flow into electricity

TEGnology Thermo electric generation - converting heat to electricity


TEGnology solutions are a revolutionary substitute for batteries. They are self powered and never need replacing.

Long lifetime

TEGnology’s material and development choices give their technology an extremely long lifetime.

Thermo electric materials and components

In cooperation with Aarhus University, TEGnology has developed two new ground-breaking energy materials that can be used advantageously for energy optimization in several markets. The two new materials are based on Zinc Antimonide and Magnesium Silicide. These materials are capable of transforming a temperature difference to electricity at higher temperatures than before.

  • Temperature range up to 400 °C
  • Lead free
  • Low material cost

Energy harvesting with TEGnology

Our module functions as a thermo electric system. Here, you see the device assembled. The device converts heat flow directly into electrical energy.

TEGnology - how-tegnology-works

We strive to reduce waste

TEGnology has worked closely with researchers from Aarhus University and the German Aero-Space Institute to develop an energy harvesting technique based on new, unique energy materials that convert waste heat into electricity.

With the introduction of these new materials, TEGnology will be the first company on the world market with a technology that so effectively exploits waste energy.


 Thermoelectric materials convert waste heat into electricity. The phenomenon has been studied for decades and now TEGnology holds the key to commercial exploitation. TEGnology’s introduction of new, scalable thermoelectric devices is endorsed by many leading experts. This is the first step in creating an affordable, widespread technology to upcycle waste heat to useful electricity. TEGnology has the resource, knowledge and experience to take these materials from laboratory to market. 

TEGnology sensever


Sensever® is an autonomous sensor, that harvests waste heat as power to emit light and/or a wireless signal alerting that the source it is connected to (such a a pipe in the medicinal industry) is hot.


TEGnology power-bricks

Power Bricks

The FLIPTEM-36 is a small thermoelectric module intended for low power applications such as wireless temperature sensors or thermostats. Together with correctly designed circuitry it can replace, or extend the life of a primary battery.


TEGnology fliptem-transmitter-5

Wireless sensor unit

Sustainable and fully customizable sensor unit that can be used to monitor temperature, moisture or gas. Plus able to incorporate your needed wireless protocol, such as Sigfox, e-SIM or BlueTooth. Can be used in numerous applications.

TEGnology sensever - Autonomous Sensors

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